Wednesday, October 21, 2009

IN THEIR OWN WORDS - John Prescott, MP (Lab)... champion.

Councils should be forced to set aside land for wind farms says John Prescott

There's a lot in there to ponder deeply, especially bearing in mind how ecologically beneficial the aftermath of enforced traveler hospitality usually is.

Doesn't he have an entourage he needs to fly to Barbados for winter?

Whatever the merits of wind power (and there are many), them being advocated by such a person and his notions of state force seems hardly encouraging.

QUOTE OF THE DAY - It's cruel to share but...

Bearing in mind my dealings with, and opinion of, certain quangos... this from a job board:

'XX has just started a new discussion entitled - 'Head of IT and Business Adviser Available!' in the xxx Information Technology forum.

Hi all,

I am a Head of IT and former Business Link Business Adviser who finds himself a victim of the economic climate!

If anyone needs someone like me on a permanen or interim basis, give me a shout! :o)'

Reminds me off my first BusinessLink adviser visit (£300/d to the taxpayer?). During the coffee preamble chat I asked what his background was.. The answer from the bloke here to advise on how I spruced up my IT/media company's business model: 'Ohh, I was FD of a manufacturing company that went bust'.


A bit more fun from the same board, evidently using the same swear filter we do on Junkk (try finding 'scrapstore')

I am a dedicated, hardworking individual with over 5 ye*** *xperience in web management and online marketing.

- Use of ****ytics programs to increase and drive sales (Webtrends and Google ****ytics)


Every time I come across a new ad for and/or a new Carbon Calculator I'll add it here.

ActOnCo2 - still a triumph of budget expenditure over result
Carbonify - via a link - the site is, however, powered, it says, by wind, making it well noble.
Go Blue -
Google - I think it uses the data from ActonCO2
The Guardian's quick carbon calculator - NEW - and very 'visual'. Via here I was more interested in the tips to actually DO stuff to save. However, currently, with certain irony: Safari can’t open the page “http://www.guprod.gnl/environment/green-living-blog/2009/oct/21/quick-carbon-calculator-tips” because Safari can’t find the server “www.guprod.gnl”. Update - Fixed now. Or... was it ever broken? Maybe broken my end? I guess we'll never know, as I have noticed (esp. with the BBC) that when you point out a bad link they seldom acknowledge, so when it's fixed your advice post looks daft. Ta, guys. Update 2 - Credit where due... they have given me one (glows:) - Hat tip Ecologist - this looks more practical and useful too
H2O Conserve -
Little green blog (via MyZeroWaste) - NEW - Online Carbon footprint carbon calculators review
pasture2plate - - Via the Guardian. Actually, this'un looks of more value
Repak - For Eire

Treehugger - The Carbon Footprint of Carbon Footprint Calculators - Might just have made this page redundant (though I do claim a prize for seeing the irony of the plethora of the things). But why do I sense there will be more.

'LOL. But seriously... think of the awareness!!!

We also need to save all we can to send pols and journos and celebs to Antarctica to report back on the damage being done by... all those pols and journos and celebs going...

You're either in the business of green, or up against it.

Tell you what, pedalling while you type keeps you fit, mind!'

Waterfootprint via planetgreen

WWF via Indy -
The only problem is going back and finding all the others. But I'm confident that with enough ad COI budgets to blow, PR fees to expend and compliant editorial, they'll soon crop up again soon.

If you come across any, let me know.

What'll be fun is to see how many are funded to compete with each other by the same bodies we pay into. On top of all those duplicated servers running. Bless.

GOOD PACK, BAD PACK - It's a warp

Creative Cloud - 10 Absolutely Pathetic Packaging Fails

Hard to fault the selection.

Now, to the solutions...

The sound of a distant bandwagon being drummed?

Business Link: Lord Sugar is on the warpath!

How!... er... How?

How! was one of my favourite programmes; it showed you how to make things.

Warpaths are good. But other than saying the two sides are lacking, I'd be a tad more interested in the how of making things, and better.

With luck, one indeed hopes we might get to learn this too, in due course. Otherwise, it's just finger pointing, and for all the use of that, I have another way it might be directed.

And speaking of rubbish, I have an app for that... one that suggests it need not be a dirty word:)