Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This is going to hurt!

And that applies to all of us. It will be of little surprise to everyone that energy bills are going to rise again later this year; but it may come as a surprise to anyone already struggling with household bills that the level of increase may be in the region of 30% to 40%! Full story is from the Telegraph.

Strewth! A rise of that ilk is going to push a hell of a lot more people into 'fuel poverty' (the Gov's rather quirky term for those that cannot afford to pay to keep themselves warm).

And while oil prices do not seem to be showing any indication of coming down, despite some key analysts claiming the current price is 'spiked' due to speculators, the value of your house looks set to plummet!

Everything is beginning to look like complete doom and gloom! Yet I keep hearing people from our Gov scoffing every time anyone mentions the 'Recession' word!

EVENT - Bristol Design Festival/Eco-Design Show


: From the now 'til at least July 6, if not a bit longer, like the 18th (tbc - now confirmed!)
WHAT: Bristol Design Festival - Eco Design Show
WHAT... MORE?: The Bristol Design Festival is an annual celebration of creativity, design and innovation in Bristol and the South West. Presented by a group of volunteers who believe passionately about design and the city of Bristol. They believe it is about time Bristol and the South West got the recognition it deserves as a region of design excellence and a hub of creativity. The Eco-design show is pretty much a 'does what it says on the tin' 'off-broadway' event around this. And offers a nice RE-use complement to the predominantly RE-cycle theme of the venue.
URL: http://www.bristoldesignfestival.com/

As part of this, Junkk.com is proud to have been invited to have a presence at the 'Eco-design' show.

This runs from now to Friday 18 July, 9-18.00. Best to call first. 0117 925 0505

It is located at The CREATE Centre, Smeaton Road, Bristol BS1, 6XN

As you'll see, ours more of a small demo stand, but there are bits and bobs, and some other nifty stuff. Frankly, not worth a city to city jaunt for the show alone, but as the pictures will show, the centre itself is in a heck of a nice setting, easy to access and has (I know, tsk) good parking. Well worth a call if you are a Bristol resident to see you tax dollars and LA-greenophilia at work.

Prof's Poser - Strike a light?

BBC News is doing a report on the National Trust replacing all its light bulbs... 'which has an immediate environmental benefit'. Does it?

I have written, simply to ask;

I have just watched your piece on the National Trust replacing 40,000 lights in their properties with low energy variants. Obviously much better for energy consumption and financial savings (after the initial costs, unless sponsors Philips - nice ad - are covering that. Shame the public does not get this advantage).

I'd just like to ask whether this also represents an immediate environmental saving whilst the report indicates the old bulbs 'will be recycled'. That would suggest perfectly good, if inefficient bulbs are to be discarded.

It would be interesting to know what the break-even points - environmentally, if not financially - there are used to help judge the most effective courses.

Is the BBC stating categorically, on advice, that it is better environmentally (allowing for 'costs' of manufacture, etc), to swap to low energy bulbs right away, rather than let them expire naturally and replace at this point?

If so, this is well worth promoting further.

My point (if not by me) has been made, with the blonde and bouffant saying it is a good one. Why do I suspect that this will be as far as an important issue of enviROI is passed over... again?

I'd simply like to know what to do that is best. Not to make a cute piece of PR puff.

Telegraph - About time National Trust moved to energy -saving lightbulbs