Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saving Private Members' Bills

Just watched Norman Baker interviewed on SKY.

Normally I have much respect for his example and pronouncements, especially in the green arena, but he really was floundering here.

And I was intrigued by his bike purchase... 'to save us money... and the planet'.

I'll grant the latter but I was wondering if, on top of the purchase, there is any mileage on top as can be afforded certain council employees... at 20p per mile.

Also, has anyone actually checked if he uses the thing we have paid for, for this purpose?

I just got (oh, with my own money) a great second hand folding bike from a renovation charity for £100, but it will rarely be used for 'work'. Pottering around town, yes. Holiday, yes. So... is this vehicle his primary commuting resource?

And on a purely political note (more appropriate, usually, for El Burro Hotay), it is worth noting that it is noted that of all these folk who control our finances and the rules to which we are held, when confronted by claims and trotting out a raft of excuses, NOT ONE has mistakenly, or accidentally UNDER-claimed.

In the black

Cuts are very much in the news at the moment.

In many forms. From government spending, to evidence of spending by those who seek to govern.

I am toddling off now to get my first hard copy of The Daily Telegraph in an age, as I think the redacted supplement might be worthy of keeping.

However, it's all out there in various places on line, too.

But having looked at these I do rather fear for the printers of Britain, as I suspect black ink will be getting lathered on page upon page.

Now I am just wondering why 'they', in anticipation of near inevitable printouts, cannot have just blotted out the redacted elements with a white box, as I can do with one click and drag on MS Word.

What we have seems bad for pockets and planet. Not to mention what is going on in Parliament.

No change there then.