Saturday, May 17, 2008

Build 'em up; shoot 'em down

I'm watching the BBC Breakfast News, where 'Supermarkets are accused of playing up the whole plastic bag issue'.

Hmn. I wonder who else was pretty high on the ban-wagon not so long ago?

I seem to recall endless features with various retail Sirs that seemed pretty supportive.

Now, as it seems some (ta-da!) have suggested that this was both trivial and a real distraction if not plain incorrect, the opportunity has been grabbed to now shout and scream in a totally different direction.

What I still do not see, or hear, is any sensible analyses of the actual best enviROI situations that should be embraced by the authority/manufacture/retailer cabal to work together so willing consumers can easily and sensibly cooperate.

Addendum 1:

Found the BBC URL : Plastic bag policy 'a diversion'

Also just watched a spokseman from Morrisons, Angus MacIver, pretty much take apart the bouffant's 'interview' questions. Oddly, it was cut short quick smart.

Addendum 2:

Just watched yet more on this. First up, the Minister in question, Joan Ruddock, is blithely saying the only reason for all this is that it is 'popular'. No worries bout it being right. And I really dislike being told that I, as a part of the 'public', support this. How the heck does she know?

There was also a twofer. One was a spokesman from the Carrier Bag Consortium, and the other a Green rep. from the London Assembly.

What astounds me is how, after all this time, the two could state and/or exchange facts (such as the success, or otherwise, of the Irish experience - which the assemblyman seems to have included in a world fact-finding tour. No irony there) with, still, no definitive evidence one way or the other.

This, to a bewildered consumer, is PATHETIC, on the part of those in authority, in government, quango and media.