Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Nice pack. Shame about what's in it.

An archive clipping, but topical.

I actually cut it out because of the nifty packs on show, a few of which already grace our site.

But sadly, it seems those in the UK are less up-front about the pipe-clogger contents when compared to our US cousins.

Still, it all tastes nice and we can make stuff out of them. Ashes conatiners?

Shame if your bin caught fire, squire

As we're on the topic (see last post) of self-interest, I note this: Councils want to charge you for rubbish

Way-hey! This can only serve any initiative designed to help you put less in your bin, like a certain reuse .com I could mention. Junkk.com.

But, as per the last post again, I hope they have figured out the difference between penalty and incentive is by then.

There's also the small matter of how this will all be measured, charged and policed, but I reckon we're about due for some further breaches of justice by now, combined with the mass hiring of several more layers of Big Brother index-linked, gold-plated bloodsucking.


There's so much flying (pun intended) around on this topic it's hard to know how to keep up.

I started on it a wee while ago, but I think a new post is in order, this time devoted to the guy in charge:

BBC - Blair defends long-haul holidays
Guardian - Carry on flying, says Blair - science will save the planet
Indy - Blair says no politician would ban cheap flights
Telegraph - I'll recycle but I won't give up my long-haul holidays, says Blair

First up, he's right (shock horror): no pol is going to try and ban cheap hols. Therein lies a problem. I don't think anyone is saying that, but something erring on curbing the gasses is needed, and if they only way to get there is in gassy plane...

However, that's as far as I'll cut him some slack.

This is a guy who, as of next year, needs/wants to fly around the world on speaking tours to try and cover the mortgage back home. As many (have to) do. As to the family getting in a snit if they can't build their sandcastles at least 8,000 miles away, well... many of us don't have the option in the first place.

But at least he'll be popping the duty-free rum bottles in the right bin to compensate.

Michael O'Leary and the airlines must be wetting themselves laughing.

Unlike the quoted 'enviro-groups', I'm a bit more than disappointed. This governement is not joined up, or a mob that leads or even feels the need to lead by example. And for that alone they should be made example of come the next election. Please God I can find someone to vote for by then.

ps: I'm not sure if it's telling, but when he says taxing people more is a way to incentivise them I see a bit of a flaw in reasoning. I'm hoping he meant that you encourage with reward and disincentivise with penalties. But they way his government is going I think it's not confusion but policy.

We're often so busy talking we don't stop to listen

With the comment 'Your Kalahari bushman ... (well, Kenyan anyway) has made it into the news this morning.', Dave of Solarventi has sent this in:

How richest fuel global warming - but poorest suffer most from it

'Nuff said?

And the vegetables, Ma'am?

Anyone remember Spitting Image's most famous put down of a government where no one moved unless the boss said so?

David Miliband's declaration that large numbers of voters buy organic food as a 'lifestyle' choice is a significant self-inflicted injury.

"Planes, trains... and aubergines!

When something like this is announced, I immediately look for the agenda behind the back-story.

But for once I am damned if I can find it... yet. Doubtless it will soon become clear once the first punt has seeded, settled in and had a chance to die down.

One thing is for sure, different aspects of government, and the talking heads at the top/in charge (if that's what they are), don't seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet at present, especially across the eco-enviro spectrum."

A silly question deserves a SUPERB answer!

'If you spend more than four hours a day travelling to work, have you got a life?'

"Well, yes. Whether it is the life you want, is another matter.

Some... most of us to not have a choice in the matter.

I write this lucky enough, for now, to work from home. I dread the occasions when I have to travel, no matter the slight benefits of having a few hours to read guilt-free if I'm on the train, or listening to the radio en route, more guiltily, if I am car-borne trading."

I of course refer to that last play on words: car-borne trading. Genius (immodestly). You heard it here first.