Friday, December 07, 2007

A warning from Gaia?

The Bali conference was somewhat rudely interrupted today by a 5.4 richter scale earthquake. (From CNN.Com - Asia).

Perhaps our planet was just giving them a little warning that they need to act pdq?

You decide

I make no comment. Though comment is, of course, free: Uncivil treatment

Climate change in the UK

It looks as if climate change is already having an impact on the UK according to a DEFRA report as reviewed by Guardian Unlimited today.

Central England temperatures are reported to have risen by 1C since the 1970's, while 2006 was the warmest recorded year since the first known records in 1659. Also, "sea surface temperatures around the UK coast have risen by about 0.7C over the past three decades."

And they reckon that a 'significant' portion of that warming is down to human activity; but just what does that mean? I just wish that formal reports would give us the real facts and figures, rather than a qualification. What exactly does significant mean? Does it mean 20% of it, or 80% of it?

Addendum/link (Junkk Male)

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