Friday, December 01, 2006

Sane is as sane does

There are certain publications who ask for your opinion, and then don't print them. This is one. Recycling no longer domain of ‘loonies’. Quite rude really. Not to mention a tad behind the curve. Why do I bother? Well they do give me grist for my mill:

'Nicely put. Of course, one could argue that if what we live through is sane, then maybe the loonies have a point.
Nice to read that one of the more significantly sized, and daily high-profile brand’s marketing directors has his finger on the pulse of consumer expectation.
There are many ways to save money, boost sales... not to mention gain some good PR, perk up the CSR from Greenwashing to something less cynical, and... oh, I don’t know... make some more money?
Actually I think most companies do recycle their paper, if for no better reason than they can suffer financially (fines if they don’t; refunds if they do). Bit of a no-brainer. So I can only assume those bags you see are not In Barnet, or the council prefers fining individuals and not business ratepayers, or in fact they are there to be picked up by recyclers.
Consumers are getting to grips with green issues, and are desperate to do so. Not that it is made very easy for them. But look at the amount spent on recycling communications, backed by high-profile fines, etc, which make me wonder who can afford to be not bothered, much less unaware.
Off for my bath now. But maybe it should in fact be a shower... with a friend?"

It's AIDS day

I read somewhere that there are not enough days for all the 'Days' we now have, and if we reduce it to a Day then this actually detracts from the rest of the time. I have to say, by my own reaction (oh, fine, now what?), I tend to agree.

What I did find an interesting commentary on the state of media and who reads/watches what, is that I only picked up on it thanks to Google.

Those who write for (recycled) glass eco-nanny media, shouldn't fly to conferences

Sorry. Couldn't resist (only read this becuase of his name, which I thought was an eco-topic): Off to New Zealand to discuss the future

"I was going to cock an eyebrow at the headline and wonder... ‘the future of what?’, but then saw it qualified in the first line of text.

To this the irony of traveling and meeting corporeally has been mentioned, but one does have to wonder at the location as well. All’s fair in geographically sharing around, so I guess next year it will be Blackpool. Though the weather isn’t so nice this time of year (but I guess you guys are doing your bit to correct that.). Those Kiwis are pretty up on eco-stuff so I guess they’ll have lots of tips.

Who’s paying for the trip? And the carbon whotsists? I know it was/gets done for travel writers. But Is it everyone? I guess it’s not up to the paper for this one. If so, is there anywhere left to whack in a fir tree to compensate for all the journos going to conferences all the time. i belive there is actually one on global warming coming up in Bali.

ps: Actually my family uses newspaper for wrapping paper, as it sets off the presents inside. And we use the money saved to buy stocking fillers. The kids love the boxes to play with, but the paper just goes to stoke the fire in 10 seconds.

Thanks for inspiring great reuse idea for our second use website : actually print the news on the pages in such a way as it can be folded so the colourful ads and maybe some key visuals end up on the outside and look like Xmas wrapping. Now wouldn’t that be neat instead of an extra printing... reuse built in!"

The latter is a good idea, though.

ps: I mislabelled the file 'GiftWarp'. Seemed appropriate.

Don't Try, Don't Get

Hey, you never know: Christmas Gifts: best of the bizarre (Or is that bazaar?) Spend! Manufacture! Retail! Advertise! Spend some more!

'Nice to see a few there that may conceivably be deemed to have the environmental Xtra Factor, too.

There really seems little point 'buying' something for he/she who has everything, so for that truly personal gift may I suggest making it instead:)

We have a few idea to share.

And some will be on show at 'Dreaming of a Green Christmas?' next week at the Science Museum.'