Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Severn Barrage Payback Less Than Six Months

When I saw that headline in Building Talk, I had to force myself to not spin into a hysterical laughing fit; the UK's record at large scale civil engineering projects is not, well, exactly what you could define as top notch. But, reading the article, it does not mean payback in the usual ROI sense of things; what they are claiming is that the carbon costs incurred during construction will be paid for in just six months of operation.

Now that is an equally strong claim, and one that I find a little difficult to believe; but I'm no expert in these things, and if the barrage does eventually produce something like 5% of the UK's entire power requirements, then maybe they are correct.

We may have to wait more than a few years before the actual benefits, both in terms of ROI and in terms of carbon saved are realised, however, as the downside to the Severn Barrage concept is almost certainly going to be the environmental arguments that will inevitably hold the project up for another decade or so before construction even begins.


Another I may be taking on too much to do, but this way may work...:)


LA top city for green buildings


I can see this might get out of hand, but nothing ventured..

Greenbang - LA Top City for Buildings

UK COUNTY NEWS - Postcodes BA&TA - Somerset is UK’s top recycling county

Trying to extend the national (and international) reach wherever possible, let's see if the archiving/search works...

Somerset is UK’s top recycling county

PR as received, E&EO...

Somerset is the UK’s top county for recycling, new figures show – re-enforcing the potential for green businesses (make it reuse and we might have to move -Ed)

Somerset recycled an average of 51% of its household waste in 2007/08, more than any other county, saving £7million costs. In addition, 92% of it was recycled in Britain.

Rupert Cox, Into Somerset’s interim CEO, says, “Our fast-growing energy and environmental sector is diverse, but has key strengths, particularly in renewable energy and nuclear power.

“Somerset County Council has been proactive in the development of wind power initiatives and renewables, with a target of 15% of its sub-regional energy to be renewable by 2010.

Somerset reused and recycled 163,282 tonnes of waste in 2007/08, saving an estimated 117,934 tonnes of carbon emissions – equivalent to taking 32,750 cars off the road for a year, show figures released by DEFRA, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Sustainable construction companies, renewable energy specialists, waste disposal companies, water technology firms and biomass plants are all represented by Somerset businesses.

Mr Cox added, “Into Somerset has carried out extensive market research, which shows the potential for businesses in this sector.

“The county has so much to offer companies working in this sector and with both existing and future projects like the Genesis Project and the possibility of the Severn Barrage; we are well positioned as one of the leading environmental counties in the UK.”

Hinkley Point B and the likely development of Hinkley Point C, plus a centre of excellence for decommissioning in Bridgwater College and a centre of excellence for energy, makes Somerset a key location for further research centres and specialist companies to develop bases in the region.

OK, so it's not been a good Tuesday so far...

I need to vent.

Environmental doublespeak

Only double? Then multiply by the number of languages.

But you can bet that one thing that won't be empty is a few coffers.

Think of the jobs! Think of the subsidies! Think of the lobbyist fees! Think of the conferences!

We are in an era when DOING has now been totally overtaken by looking like you are doing or, worse, talking about looking like you are doing. And, worse still, doing the exact reverse of what you tell others to do.

And, sadly, all the money seems to have been directed that way too to keep the circus rolling.

I'd love to know how many are in, and paid to be in productive climate-related industries, and how many and how much is creamed off to the parasites, who seem awfully good at telling folk what to do, but not so great at setting examples.

Until that is resolved, you won't get much public support behind anything, even sensible stuff, but as resolving such an entrenched, complex, corrupt system is nigh on impossible now, I fear this is just one waste that will keep on draining us, and the planet we live on, dry.

FT - Eco-groups fear an opportunity lost - Not just the EU, and not really as some reports would suggest: 'For instance, Barack Obama, the US president, wants $27bn (€21bn, £19bn) to be spent on new roads, which will raise traffic emissions.'

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EU split on carbon capture intensifies - Then again...