Saturday, October 10, 2009

Inspiration is the worthiest form of flattery

30 Clever And Creative Package Designs

So much already done, so much more to do...



Christmas Decorations little (if still too ahead of our) time.

Well, at least our message is spreading:)

Compare and contrast

EU Sides with Corrupt African Governments to Block Stronger REDD Forest Protection Scheme

Saving forests five times better than carbon capture for climate action: WWF Sweden.

But some clown blows $35M (that's a lot of wells) on raising awareness atop a column of greenhouse gasses, and it's wall to wall on the media.

'Space clown' hosts show from ISS

QUOTE OF THE DAY - If you're happy and you know it...

... you're an engineer! Does 'ex' count?

Or do I still qualify as I still design and make things?

Dyson answers the call to fill a vacuum in British life

“But only 16 per cent of engineers are unhappy in their careers, compared with 44 per cent of journalists and 25 per cent of medics. We need to show it’s respectable to make money out of making things, not just shuffling money around.”

About that incentive thing...

As many will know, I am not big on nanny, fine, guilt, scare, etc.

Tories will lend every household £6,500 to save energy and make money

Slightly better than blowing £6M on 'awareness'?


Then look at the comments. That's against 'finding' £1.65B to fund it. Hence, a bit hard to grasp on how it will work. Only another £1B to go.

Interesting how the feedback is almost unremittingly negative, in a Conservative-friendly paper.

But I think this one at least shows an interest in looking in more productive directions.