Tuesday, May 06, 2008

You gotta larf, eh?

Ch 4 - FactCheck: has rubbish tax been binned?

So now we know... what we don't know. Or do we?

'See no weevils, hear no weevils, speak not of...' anything that might pin one down, apparently.

Yet for all that, at each turn it all comes back like a boomerang, and a barge full of night soil hits the wind farm.

No way to run a country. Or anything, for that matter.

Lead Balloon

With all due credit to the author: If there is a God, he's not green. Otherwise airships would take off

I like the idea. It's just the disconnect with the realities of the numbers of people there now are, the time they have and the money they can spend. Another topic in many ways, but this just comes across as silly.

I think it's triff.

Sign me up! All I'll need is no day job and limitless funds... or write on enviro issues for eco-aware (if not actually practicing) publications.

I can see it now: 'My blog of a slow food sojourn around the World in the footsteps of Phiny Fogg'

Chapter 2 - Oh, the inhumanity!

'To the clink of organically sourced New Zealand Chablis in recycled (plastic, while lighter, may contain BPA) glasses, we glanced down to see millions of RyanAir eco-unawares/don't cares gobbling up their two week annual holidays crammed on non-eco-tourist (ie: keep the proles out) beaches. I am moved to head to my cabin and Blackberry a post forthwith. It is to be hoped the sights will improve over the next few months when we get to more remote places... Richard has invited us to his island to learn about the next initiative whilst watching some rocket display.'

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, in a normal family home near you...

Oh, 07 - Licence to...?

We have mentioned bisphenol-A containing plastics here before.

I think that, no matter what, any food or beverage container with it in will soon no longer be on the shelves.

Not so much because of the potential hazards (which remain woefully varied... and disputed), but because of the way the issue has been handled by the government/media cabal of trust that exists these days.

At least in this case it is a 'better safe than sorry' default, so perhaps it could be worse. Unless, of course, you make the things. On the strength of what I saw today, if I had an Avent bottle crammed in junior's gob right now I would be one worried mummy and react accordingly. Who the heck would risk anything, especially with weasel disclaimers like 'so long as you boil water separately first/don't scratch the surface, it should be fine'.

Speaking of which, for recycling purposes (to what, I wonder?), it has an '07' inside the 3-arrow triangle. And, to know if it doesn't have BPA, you are helpfully advised that if it is flexible it won't. Which is about as loose as it gets, to the point of being useless.

Anyway, in the same slot there was the coincidental news that 'breast is best', so no agenda there. It's a shame that my trust factor is so low that beyond the news handling I also often have my doubts on the motivations of our sources of advice and information.

Addendum -

Just watched Dr. Rosemary on the BBC Brekky show, and she impresses more at each outing. To the rote-reading blonde and bouffant's scaremongering she was a breath of 'for heaven's sake' fresh air. Not that this slot will undo all the others that surrounds it. It suspect we are seeing the end of an industry here. I just wish it was for better reasons than this.

Addendum 2 -

Guardian - Science Weekly for May 5: "Ice, mud and blood" - If only for an insight into how the media 'do science... and a funny first comment in reply.