Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Our Ladies Of Vision

Interesting dilemma. I should no longer be writing this.

One of my daily tasks is, was, or at least should be, blogging off. 

But yesterday that may have all changed. We left at crack of dawn (and set off back at dusk, and ended up arriving in the wee small hours thanks to a certain number of logs on the line turning the M54 into a 2-hr carpark - blogs on drivers of lorries keeping their licences and/or features on the correct time to switch off your engine to follow) to pick up Emma and head to Telford to meet up with the newest members of our merry crew.

Pat Freshwater and Amanda Brooke of The Business Advisor Partnership - are now consulting with us on many business and marketing-related issues, rejoicing in their joint Junkk-titles of 'Our Ladies of Vision'. They are also tasked with getting us from 'here' to 'there' without, or at least a lot less of those creative 'ohh, this looks worth a detour'... er... detours. We have kind of figured out we do get distracted a lot, much to the detriment of our business model.

Thanks to their input you should see some major changes soon. More obviously to do with honing all we are up to with the site, but also in the way we do business.

Until we can hit that Nirvana moment of creating the visitor numbers to get under the radar of those major advertisers of a more ruthless, ROI-oriented disposition (even though we are still happy to look at a 'checkB4Ucheque' deal, so it really should be a 'why not; let's give it a whirl' to even the less charitably inclined seeking to up their exposure on to the Green£), they are helping us focus on paying the rent by doing more of what we do best and less of what tickles our fancy.

And that, for me, means going back to my roots: copywriting. Which is not quite the same as blogging, which of course doesn't involve getting paid. 

Hence the dilemma. Will this mean no more blogs for a while? We'll see.