Friday, October 05, 2007

Perhaps we'll get relegated to the second division?

According to this from YahooNews, Britain comes pretty close to the bottom of the table when compared to other countries in terms of per capita CO2 emissions.

Our per capita emissions were more than double the worldwide average in 2004; worse still, even though many of us point the finger across the water at their apparent profligate use of energy, we even finish behind the United States!

Surely its time for someone in power to take the bull by the horns and do something to sort things out?

I'm virtually ecstatic!

I have been meaning to write about my feelings (hey, it's Friday) on the subject of e-publication for a while, and now I have had the perfect prompt *(see below).

PRW is an excellent resource for folks like me (however in it's full monty title of Plastics and Rubber Weekly, a majority of readers may pass). It not only is an easy read, but very topical. And I get pots of good leads. I've even been known to write in.

And, as you'll gather, on top of a nifty way of making a silk purse from a sow's ear they have come up with a cunning marketing wheeze: an e-version.

I already get several. And some I pay for. In a few cases quite a lot. The Ecologist is one. Trouble is, having got to my annual renewal reminder, I have realised I have never read it... online at least. On a few occasions I have even bought a copy at the newsstand - on top.

It may just be me, but I can't get into them. I think part of it is that when I work 12 hrs a day in front of a screen anyway, adding to that eye and RSI-strain a second further with my background reading is not an appealing prospect. Because I have to remain rooted here to do it.

No deckchair in the sun. No quick few pages in the small room (excuse the image that may have created). No catch up in the train (I don't do power-exec lappy space hogging).

I know it's not perhaps very eco to admit it, but it just doesn't appeal in comparison to having a page that I can fold, tear or highlighter-pen... and then stuff in my pocket... to hand. Sorry.

So I'll look forward to my copy in the mail (while the GPO are still in business - at which point I may have no choice, and trees may breathe CO2 easier). But meantime this is a nice complement.

*Unfortunately, the postal strike is likely to delay the delivery of your copy of PRW magazine this week.

However, you can view the latest edition right now by clicking here.

The full issue is available on-line.

The digital edition is exactly the same as the printed issue, which will reach readers next week when the strike ends.