Thursday, February 03, 2011

Blimey, who does a guy have to sleep with these days to cop a break?

Many will know of our RE:tie concept.

Some may be aware that not only does it confer some advantages eco-wise to the packaging diaspora, the public is on board and we can prove it. Big time.

Many in the industry are aware of this.

Many public bodies, quangos and professional bodies, often flush with green funds to throw about, are aware of it.

Even a few media are, though I do need to get my act together on more PR pronto.

But the old eyebrow does crank when such as this comes out:

Just how much more, more quickly, could I get a genuine, public-pleasing, actual green concept to market, if blessed with new Wrap-sponsored research? Like some others, more blessed.

Pear Pair

This is prompted by my latest data upload.

Which means that when this goes up, the two will complement each other, at least until the next idea/blog swings in, thus making sense of my headline:)

I think I have pretty much covered the various issued raised on the product upload page.

(Over-)packaging to avoid damage & food waste vs. alternatives.

Inability to assess recyclability.

The true joys of potential reuses!