Thursday, September 30, 2010

The long and long of it

(that seems to be Blogger's image limit, so a 48 sheet long copy poster was going to struggle. Sorry. Will try to figure a way to post it elsewhere to be viewed bigger)

Just finished, I hope successfully, a bit of 'can't hurt' fun roaming my ad territory, but neatly, and coincidentally, also possibly with a nice rub-off for
is how I like my competitions (actually most things): fun & free.

I was invited to take part a while ago, and determined this time not to leave it to the last minute.

Fate somewhat intervened, in that I have only just got back after a wee spell enjoying the hospitality of the NHS. All well now, but a large hole in the month's traffic management plans.

I had the idea, and I had the copy, and I had a rough layout. What I didn't have at 24hrs notice was an AD/designer.

Fortunately, I have made some new chums. Taylor & Taylor (with pix on homepage of my fave ever bridge) just happen to be affiliated to the IP guys handling RE:tie's marketing, and what with one thing and another, the deed got done. Ta, guys.

I actually have high hopes. Fingers crossed. Wish us luck. Especially all you Junkketeers in London:)


Didn't even make the shortlist:( Some nice ideas there, but frankly I think ours could have shared such good company too. Will never understand how judging works.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

NEWS/Commercial PR - Liftshare Week, 4-8 Oct

I do so love it when they write themselves.

Especially in a good cause.

I like to think off myelf not so much as lazy, but more into not wasting perfectly good resources. From the sharing horsepower's mouth:

Just as Junkk is all about match-making - and sharing to avoid waste - so is So we want to tell you about an event they’ve got coming up which can help you to slash your CO2 emissions, save a load of money and make some new buddies into the bargain...

It’s the first ever liftshare Week from 4-8 October, and the aim is to help as many people as possible discover the benefits of car-sharing. The typical commuter who car-shares every day saves around £800 a year and a tonne of CO2, not to mention reducing their stress levels and having more fun.

To take part in liftshare Week, just sign up to the free website and search for someone else going your way so that you can share the journey. You only have to do it on the days that suit you, and you can either take turns driving or - if one of you doesn’t have their own car - the passenger(s) can contribute to the driver’s petrol costs. Everyone wins.

(Oh, and if you’re allowed to spread the word at work by sticking some posters up at your office, you can download them from!)

Monday, September 20, 2010

PR COVERAGE - And idea gaining traction?

Actually, this is more IP coverage.

But as it is a pretty nice article about what we're up to, I think it's worth sharing.

WIPO is not an insignificant force in global IP, so to be noticed and so covered is a very nice thing to enjoy.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Palming On

Funny old world.

A week ago I noticed the local Morrison's was again running the 'Let's Grow' promo, and pondered if we might again unleash the Voucher Palm again (click the links below for archive backstory)

Well, a bit like careless kings and troublesome priests, no sooner muttered than rushed out... without telling me! Nice 'n all, but I might have helped with the proof-reading too.

Plus actually delivering as promised.

Hence a bit of flashing around this weekend to get the new one up.

All's well that ends well....


Don't Be Shy, Schools and Shoppers - Choose Your Coconut Today!

Voucher Palm Ready To Do The Business Again in 2010

Another Autumn, another Morrison's 'Let's Grow' Promo.

And, of course, in Ross-on-Wye at least, the Voucher Palm blossoms in complement again, made from all-reused materials by local eco-ideas website, to help shoppers around town 'post' their vouchers to donate to local schools.

Two have so far have asked to have their own coconut on the palm, but there is space for plenty more. Plus plenty of room inside each to donate vouchers to the school of your choice.

So when around town, if you have some vouchers in your wallet in danger of being lost in the back of the kitchen drawer, pop by the EnviroAbility Book Swap Shop, Cantilupe Rd to ensure they get to... and help make even nicer... some very good local home schools... and gardens.

Caption - Eleanor Bennett of the EnviroAbility Book Swap Shop, Cantilupe Rd, Ross-on-Wye, graciously demonstrates Voucher Palm 3.0

Friday, September 10, 2010

PR COVERAGE - Mate's Rates

As some may know, enjoys a healthy relationship with Poundland.

You know, the retail phenomenon that seems to be almost unique in going from strength to strength, somewhat against the trend?

The one that does seem to have pegged what consumers want these days?

But for all their commitment to value and savings on the pocket, they do ponder deep and long about ways to help make the planet a tad nicer place to be, too.

Which is why, a fair while ago, having seen a stand plugging RE:tie at a show, they liked what they saw enough to want to help in our mission to encourage reuse.

So they popped our URL on their packaging. And from this end, we can testify to just how that has caught on with their customer base. Folk like the notion... A LOT.

Well, just as we had a cheery call that made our Friday a while back, we've just had another.

Look who has pride (well, bottom left, but it's right next to the sign-up) of place on their website homepage:)

Nice to be loved. And to be rated so highly via such an endorsement, compliment and complement from such a successful business.

Maybe we are doing something right, as well as good, after all.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

PR COVERAGE - Fast, moving, consumer-related.. and good

Always nice to be noticed.

Even better to be appreciated.

Top cherry to be thought amongst the best. has been featured in this month's FMCG magazine 'Website spotlight'.

Which is nice.

Not too sure on the value as, so far, the phone has not be ringing off the hook. Early days?

Folk in this industry are pretty time poor, and I've only just found it after it hit the in-tray a few days ago.

Plus I can't help but notice on behalf of RE:tie a tamper evident packaging outfit just down the road. Reaches next for phone...

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Sons, sun & sand (lots of sand). Plus wife.

We're back (and have been a few weeks - only now with kids off to school can I get back to the 'other' day job)

Full disclosure: we flew for 6hrs, budget class, to Egypt, for a Nile cruise.

And enjoyed every minute of it. No regrets (the T-shirt is not mine, but raised a wry-smile come 'so, what do you do' at evening cocktails intro-time)

However, learning from many who ponder and post in the world of environess, I will attempt to justify a smidge of what we got up to by writing about it, especially a few eco-aspects of it all... good... but mainly not as good as one may have hoped.

OK, we were in a sunny place. Make that sunny to the tune of 45 degrees some days, pretty much dawn to dusk. That... is a lot of energy falling on every sqm of a vast expanse, day-in, day-out. Trust me. As the only family not out the first day for a tanning session, we observed the results on the others.

Yet... I could see no great evidence of any solar collection, domestic, commercial or national, either photovoltaics or even hot water. Bizarre.

What I did note was the gentle chug of diesels, 24/7, which sadly results in a pervasive fug hanging over the Nile and its banks. Makes for nice sunsets, but not much else.

And I can't understand the need. Where the grid doesn't run, like a boat, so many thing surely could be solar powered to avoid using up GHG-emitting fuel in this way? If it's possible in the UK (see link below, but caution on the numbers, and deal!) with our weather...

Now, a lot of this may be down to cheap 'leccy thanks to the Aswan dam. A rather uninspiring structure, TBH, but quite a feat. Actually, I was a bit more impressed with the one the British built several decades before. It also had the benefits of a lock system to allow navigation, something the Russians 'forgot' to add. Apparently. I suspect this may have led to, and still inspires some... frustration, downstream.

Which brings me to the other eco-aspect from this trip: the importance of water. Look at that shot out the plane window: no water, no nothing. More than that, no irrigation; no growth more than a few yards in. The country is a high % of sun-blasted sand and little else.

Man has a great capacity to harness nature for good, but also a great responsibility to ensure it is done properly.

Sadly, as I write this I add below a URL that poses some of the dilemmas facing our own mega-water-harnessing scheme.

The Ecologist -

Finally, I leave pondering a matter of historical interest, namely was the climate back in Ramases' time as oppressive as now?

Telegraph - Biblical plagues really happened say scientists