Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bright Idea. Dim View?

Well, just back from the British Invention Show.

Four days. Not too short; not too long. Met some nice folk, both fellow exhibitors and also visitors. On balance, probably a good thing I went.

First up... got bronzed! Yep, despite being more of 'an idea that helps other people have ideas', we actually snagged a bronze award.

Secondly, we got some coverage, in the Indy no less. Shame they forgot to mention the site URL, though. Thanks guys! But A LOT better than nothing, I'd say.

Best yet, my actual Junkk-inspired, for-money invention got a lot of thumbs up from a lot of quarters, including the Patent Office reps (sweet to come back to the forms I filed before I left already endorsed and sitting on my doormat), some very hard-nosed judges, some patent agents and some licensing advisors.

Downsides? Well, it was more money, and a precious four days away from base. Perhaps the biggest downer was not realising that there was a £10 entry fee, and that kinda snookered the vast hordes of public I needed to boost the sign-ups. But I guess quality is better than quantity. And I think I may have made some good new chums who can plug into the Junkk ethos and help spread the word and even generate some content.

I think I have a busy week ahead. A lot piled up while I was away.