Saturday, April 12, 2008

To blog, or not to blog, that is the question?

Many of my blogs here are as a result of my writing on other blogs. A kind of e-BOGOF, for me anyway.

I can pop a promo for Junkk in another place, and end up with content for here.

Moderation considerations aside, I have had almost no issues at all with the technicalities of posting. They can happen, and indeed have on the Junkk Forum, for instance when I managed to kill something with my Mac O/S!

But on the whole, they work pretty well. Why not? They need not be too complex.

Except, it seesm, those deployed, at vast expense, with hordes of staff, by the BBC. It was getting almost impossible to post, or know if your post got through.

But what really got to me was how cavalier they have been over the last several months, especially when I know others beside me must have been keeping them well apprised of what is going wrong.

Yes, I have had the odd 'Thank you for your feedback; we're sorry (but really couldn't care less... what can you do about it? Withdraw your patronage or payment?) and we're working on a fix'. But at no time have I seen anything remotely like an advice to explain what might happen and where they are doing something.

Well, now we have. Worth reading the replies, too:

Blog problems - a solution is nigh