Sunday, October 01, 2006

Maybe less 'talk talk' all round would help more

Warm words on climate change are not enough


Time to invest in treehouses!

Now a positive commentary, with cautious endorsement, for this: Miliband promotes plan to buy rainforests

It's a proactive way to 'do' so I will follow with enthusiasm.

I concern myself at the practicality of getting a sovereign nation, those who control it and those who own its acres to cooperate, but money talks. I guess if you pay more than a soya or cattle farmer you're in with a chance. Just don't let's have Mr. 'Let's concrete Kent) Prescott out in charge!

These are the last lungs of the planet we have, so it's worth doing.

I'd like to get hold of Mr. Johan Eliasch. I saw the potential of this a long time ago when he was active in this area, and felt then he might like Anyone know some billionaires' home numbers?

Smokin' (Redux)

Haven't had an eyebrow raise for a while, but this seemed worthy: Waste Man burnt in Exodus story

All for art 'n all, and awareness raising, but as there is no mention of the consequences of such combustion (me about to take my garden waste in my hand cart to the tip to avoid a bonfire... or car journey) this seems on a par with that chap who was going to let his tap run all day to highlight water waste.

On present evidence... Nil points.

Size Matters

As contributors and idea searchers will appreciate, the core of is about data and dimensions, and we try and make it as visual as possible.

But it can be tricky to get a handle on a size relative to something posted.

That's where SizeEasy comes in.

I have written to them to see if they would like to hook up. I hope we can help each other as the synergies are clear.