Monday, May 21, 2007

'Aving a LARHF

Mars forced into u-turn over animal products

There seems to be a whole new level of 'aving a LARHF (Left And Right Hand Foul-up) these days, where it almost beggars belief that one side of a marketing-driven organisation can institute something without those who may offer valuable views (especially to avoid boo-boos) having a say.

In this PC, inclusive, multi-allergic world, a major fmcg didn't commit to adding an animal-based product to some ranges where before there was none, without someone in the decision chain going: 'Er, hey guys, what about...?'.

Then again, if it were not for the cost involved and the amount of egg that should rightly be spread over various faces (with all due deference to Vegan sensibilities), have seen the more than chipper spokeslady making the most of the media interest last night, one could almost be forgiven for thinking that 'any publicity is good...'. Like it was meant to be:)

National Vegetarian Week (21-27 May 2007) - Gosh, what a coincidence!

Ask a silly question...

Is the environment a vote-winner?

Yes, so long as the enviROI (environmental end-benefit) is real, assessed without agenda, applied with long-term fortitude, with the pros and cons explained to the public clearly, based honestly and sold without spin.

So, no matter what hue from the political spectrum the next knee-jerk, half-considered, tomorrow's vote-swapper initiative gets served up from... then the answer must be... probably.

Trouble is, there will be one inevitable loser: the planet, and our kids' futures on it.