Tuesday, July 08, 2008

AWARD/COMPETITION - The Zayed Future Energy Prize

WHEN: Deadline for nominations July 31. submissions Sept 30
WHAT: The Zayed Future Energy Prize
WHAT... MORE?: From the site.

With the introduction of the Zayed Future Energy Prize, Abu Dhabi, with its international partners at its side, aims to inspire the next generation of global energy innovators – creating solutions we can barely imagine today.

The Prize will be awarded to three individuals, companies, organisations or NGOs that have made significant contributions in the global response to the future of energy.
The Zayed Future Energy Prize will encompass:

Renewable and sustainable energy sources

* Efficient use of non-renewable energies

* Conservation

* Energy policy

* Communications and public awareness

HOW MUCH: Looks free.
URL: http://www.zayedfutureenergyprize.com/THE-VISION.aspx
COMMENTS: Can't hurt. But make sure you have any IP sorted!

Sorely missed

New funding scheme for food packaging innovation

'...a tender process is underway, whereby initiatives from the food manufacturing sector focusing on reusable and refillable packaging, new merchandising and dispensing systems or product reformulation will receive funding for up to 50 per cent of the project costs.'

I guess we must have slipped their mind, what with Junkk.com and RE:tie n' all.

Ah well, back to the pointless proposal pushing. You never know; they might get interested this time.

NEWS/Commercial PR - Play that funky music, Green boy

Just had to pop this up, if only because I thought disco went out when I was in wide lapels.

PR as provided, E&OE: World's First Eco Disco Launches This Thursday!



Each week millions upon millions of exuberant human beings head out of their houses and into nightclubs to expend large amounts of energy on the dance-floor. Mobilising vast social groups each and every week clubbing remains one of the few areas of society untouched by the green message. All this is about to change as Dr. Earth plans to launch the world’s first eco-disco and unveil a 10 point manifesto for all club owners and promoters across the world to adopt and do their bit, however small, towards saving the planet.

On the evening a number of green ambassadors will take to the decks to support Dr. Earth. Jade Jagger needs no introduction. She is the fashion designer du jour and has also stamped her mark on the music industry whilst her partner Dan Williams has been described as ‘the best party DJ ever’ by credible music industry heads such as Bestival’s Rob Da Bank and Radio 1 DJ Pete Tong. World renowned DJ’s, Coldcut whose anti – corporate, anti – authoritarian, ecological vision is well documented have created a special eco AV set for the evening. Queens of Noize unique, chaotic and cool delivery of disco tracks have assured their regal status amongst the current school of Rock n’ Roll DJ’s whilst Nathan Detroit has toured the world with his mix of mash-up music as Fatboy Slim’s support DJ.

Club4Climate and its figurehead Dr. Earth will launch Surya in King’s Cross as the world’s first ecological club, creating a green-print for others to follow. Surya itself will go beyond the concept of sustainability and into the realm of ecology, generating surplus energy to power not only the club but also neighbouring properties. Recognising the need to engender a ‘gentle revolution’ Club4Climate support the notion that it is better to include millions and not just ‘the few’ and that we each have our part to play.

Surya will put its stake in the ground as the first ever-ecological club on the planet, a flagship venture and a pioneer of ecological excellence.
The club will have a unique dance-floor, combining materials such as quartz crystals, ceramics, cutting edge technology and the dancing motion of clubbers to generate part of the club’s energy requirements.

· A wind turbine and a solar energy system will make the club fully sustainable

· An advanced alternative energy system so effective that it will produce a surplus of electricity, which will be freely donated to the private residents closest to the building.

· The club will also be installing the latest air flush, waterless urinals, low flush toilets and automatic taps to ensure maximum water saving plus the latest innovations in ecological air conditioning units.

I'm guessing the water being chugged all night still might not be tap, mind. Can't have everything, I guess.

And I'll be impressed if a Kings X roof and turbine crank up enough juice to have a surplus. I'll be fascinated to check out the system.

Have to be before 10pm, of course. Waaaay past my bedtime.

Greenbang - NEW - London gets eco nightclub - Seems others got the release, too.

REPAIR - The trouble is you'll soon fancy another

I pass this one on as it's certainly worth a try.

My lovely Singapore auntie has passed on a cutting that links to a Yahoo group that I can't access or figure out, so you'll just have to take my version.

Basically if you drop anything electronic - mobile, iPod, Blackberry - in water it's pretty much a goner.

However... there is a last ditch solution: rice.

If it isn't already, switch it off and get it in sealed container of rise asap.

24 hrs later you may find you're back to being good to go.

I am guessing that a container of silica gel will work even better, but you can't eat it afterwards, whereas, depending on where you dropped the thing (loo or a puddle probably not a good idea you might want to risk it.

I figure salt water is pretty much a killer any which way.

Please define 'talent' for me

Talent wanted to compete globally

FT - Shift in climate for responsible companies

Save the trees. And reading.

Ignoring the whole 'servers cooking the planet' counter-argument (which they kinda are/will whatever), this is an interesting thread on paper vs. online.


I have note weighed in on the eco aspects as this is not what it's about, but I have to say there is another aspect.

And that is, of the several digital efforts I have subscribed to, I have yet to read one. Just can't seem to get the mood to work with the tech. Yet on a Sunday PM in the garden I hoover through a good dozen.

Go figure.