Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Standby for action!

Now this is one that really needs addressing!

Britons waste the equivalent of around two power stations' worth of electricity each year by leaving TV sets and other gadgets on standby.

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Because I know that, despite my best efforts, I often come into a room next morning to see that red light still glowing. So I think the answer has to be to to get rid of the standby. It's to easy to use and forget. So let's go back to on or off. Simple. And I still get to use the remote.

But then you read the full article and you see the whole issue is not quite that easy. Overseas manufactuers with access to UK markets. Systems that require constant power to function correctly ( to think I was moaning at my Mum for killing her whole system at the socket each night, which meant I kept having to reprogramme her set-top box every day). But for once I do think the answer is clear.

Let's take a stand against standby.