Thursday, October 05, 2006

Boris ate my hamster, Redux

I quite like Boris Johnson. I do suspect his whole image is not quitet as portrayed, and disagree with his views on occasion, but he is an articulate, if rather fond of big words, writer and a keen debater. And he is also one of few to actually say what he thinks.

So I found his personal defence of what he did say vs. what he says happened and how it all got reported as a consequence in the media rather telling, if true (which is another, if related, avenue):

I shouldn't be pelted with pies for asking difficult questions

I tend to accept his version for now. Though I could not resist a rather sorry comment on it all:

"Nicely put. But what should happen and what does these days is pretty much why most have given up on politics and treat most of the media less as a source of news and more as a mindless diversion in ratings-driven bear-baiting.

And nothing anyone does vs. what they say (and then gets 'editorialised'), dear Boris, is going to change that back now.

But at least you still can make a living out of commenting upon it. Wish I could. It's going to spiral down further, which makes yours a lucrative growth industry."