Monday, August 08, 2005

Fan Mail

During one of those long hot summers in my early ad career, we were all sweltering as usual as there was no such thing as aircon in our office. Instead there was one small tabletop job that perched on a filing cabinet behind an account director of less than spectacular popularity. One day he was pontificating away with his feet upon on his desk and his chair rocking back against the cabinet. And the inevitable, blissfully, took place. I couldn't resist. 'That's the first recorded instance of the fan hitting the s**t!, I exclaimed, and the acclaim I was accorded from that moment on more than made up for the P45.

Which brings me to today's topic.

In the mail wasa hefty envelope from one of those agencies tasked to (help) stop us do stuff that is not as environmentally sound as it may be. So far, so noble.

Amongst the various letters and posters and flyers and leaflets (though to be fair they do suggest we ask for some, though I presume not all, online) there was a piece of wood attached to a piece of card, to form a sort of... fan.

On one side was written: 'Here's one extra way to keep cool without extra carbon emissions'.

Now I am as big a fan (excuse the pun) of interactive DM as the next guy. But as this was from a 'don’t waste’ agency, and it patently did involve a few extra carbon emissions, from its construction to delivery, no matter how good the message I feel the need to take the messenger to one side for a wee chat at least.

Especially as tucked away in small type around the rim on the reverse was this: 'Not a fan? If you don't plan to use me then please return to:...'

I wonder what the cost all round (financial and eco) would be if I did, per unit.

But in the spirit of their message I am now getting cracking on a structure you can make from the obviously often necessary business mailings one has to send out in the spirit of communication. Just like our very own Folda-Holda.

I wonder if they'd sponsor me?

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