Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Following In Jeremy Clarkson's Footsteps!

Well, apart from the height. And the money. And the cars.
And less-than-eco attitude. And, for that matter, the job.

Because I was going to say that like him, I today became a local newspaper journalist.

Thing is, he was hired and asked and paid, and I wasn't but offered and wasn't. However I see it as a milestone of sorts. And a good sign (except the STILL doing things for free bit - I need an agent). I have of course written op-eds before, but this seemed like my first real bit of citizen journalism.

The occasion was a council meeting to discuss getting hydro-power in Herefordshire.

The rest you can read here.

What is also worthy of note is that in that spread above, there were at least 3, maybe 4 other stories about the environment. It sis getting BIG! I hope we can play a part.

ps: The lights are mentioned in the article. It was good to see huge chandeliers with low-energy bulbs. At least someone is walking as they talk

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Anonymous said...

Well done for some pretty quick reaction getting a photo of the funny slide at the Herefordshire Hydro first meeting.mortimers miller.