Saturday, April 14, 2007

Another day on Planet Spin

Our dishwasher has died. At least, it isn't washing dishes any more. I've done my best and all pipes seem clear, but it's just turning the crud into a soup that evenly dries onto the dishes.

So I have just spent an hour doing them at the sink, which got me to pondering which method was best for the environment. Three changes of hot, and at least 6 gallons of water (not including, as my increasingly frustrated missus points out, the extra rinsing after I use the dirty water to clean all the packaging we keep) vs.... what in a dishwasher? I'm sure it has been assessed. I must track it down.

And so I was in the kitchen to enjoy another irony free episode of the BBC news. You couldn't get much better than skipping over some real news to an all points bulletin on a kid and his bird chucking each other. OK, so he's an heir to the throne, but listening to ever more intense blondes and bouffants discuss whether 'all this media interest' may have been a factor in two kids who met at school going the separate ways was just so much...

Speaking of tri...te, I think I have identified the latest spinmeister 'Get out of Jail/Doodoo/whatever free' phrase du jour, and that is: 'In hindsight, it was not.... and I'm sorry'. This is of course followed by a big empty space which seems to say 'So now that's out of the way my mates in high places (all with an ossuary of their own in the cupboard) are quite happy for me to go right back to being as stupid/corrupt/ineffective as I ever was'.

Who next after the Des (Sure, let's sell the squaddies' stories to the Sun) & Paul (speaking of girlfriends, mine needs a bigger salary) show?

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