Monday, April 09, 2007

Battles. Wars. Who spins... wins.

This Government fights on the media front

This is outrageous!

What the government must do is immediately commission and run a multi-million £ communications campaign to tell us what is good for them... er... us... with our money, of course.

Bishop praises Iran's 'good deeds'

If you have nothing useful to say, don't say anything.

Maybe the Bishop is hoping to sell his story?

Is there a single member of our Establishment not intent in making things a million times worse through perceived short-term self-interest?

The Iranians must be p*ssin' themselves laughing at this farce being played out by our military, the government, the media and now, even, the clergy.

Who pays these fools' salaries? Oh, I guess we do. Surprise.

Guardian - Loot is the foe of truth

One phrase is rapidly rising to the top as a catch-all, get-out-of-anything card, be it a C-list celeb trying to reinvigorate a stalled career on the back of a 'good cause', a mobile phone recycling sc...heme turning a nifty profit on green guilt or, now, a squaddie looking down the barrel of a nice little earner for being in the wrong place at the right time:

"A percentage is going to charity"

At least some of them have had the decency to figure out how fate played out, how lucky they were (as others were not), how capricious the media embrace can and will be, and made the best of it all. To them, good luck and god speed.

BBC - UK captive 'felt like a traitor'

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