Friday, April 27, 2007

The Good, the Bad and the... can't be bothered

You can see a few more here.

There's money in talking about the environment, obviously.

And I now, in addition to have something well worth talking about, not least because it actually is a physical thing that does something, and does it less.

Yet still I face an uphill struggle to share it.

This piece in the Indy allowed me a slight venting opportunity:

Terence Blacker: Why I'm not sold on 'The Apprentice'

Dear Mr. Blacker,

'Selfishness, a lack of personal accountability, a ruthless aggression towards others are, in everyday life, regarded as social problems. How odd it is that [any successful medium] suggests that they are so desirable in business [and engages in such practices itself].' My brackets.

Couldn't agree with you more.

Having been involved in a positive campaign for a years to change consumers' attitudes towards packaging, and recently winning a Gold international award for an invention to help them to improve matters, I still await any acknowledgement, recognition or support from the paper you write for.

I will put anything and anyone on my site if it helps improve the environment, even if they are technically competitive. A shame that other enterprises are not so able to share in the bigger picture, when self-interest, opportunism, ego and greed take over. Good luck to the Indy and the Daily Mail as the latest self-appointed guardians of our eco-future as they slug it out to gain the high profit green ground. Sir Alan would be proud.

However, to end on a more positive note, there are glimmers of gold glinting in the morass.

Having waded through a lot of government 'stuff', I ended up with some guys at the Centre for Remanufacturing and Reuse. They may or may not be able to help, but by golly got back nice and quick with a compliment and some nifty areas that look promising.

With so much deadweights around it's hard not to get weighed down, but it's the few positives like these that keep you going.

We may even make it yet.

STOP PRESS - Relief! The UKTI/BizLink are keen to help and coming round next week. Phew!

Indy - No time to waste - no s**t, really?

STOP PRESS #2 - Mr. Blacker has replied and, despite my venting if not at him at least his employers, kindly, which makes me blush (though the tone does make me wonder if it is not more than a little 'form' in nature. Better than telling me to p*ss off, though!):

Many thanks for your kind email - and the best of luck with your campaign.

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