Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Calls are free. The shrink bill is mounting.

Speaking of count-ups (see previous post).

Today is day 5 of my Skype saga.

Goaded by a more tech-literate mate in Hong Kong, and the promise of free calls, I last week ordered up a handset.

And this weekend I played software roulette with this piece of hardware and the various online options between our PCs and Macs, made all the more fun by the various drivers coming on disks that won't fit into a Mac, and when they do fit in the PC then clashing with the XP OS.

So far, all I now have a very good, extra, instant messaging system, but then what was wrong with email, especially as you don't waste all morning saying hello to and fro? And I can hear the other end but can't seem to get my voice heard even though the test says if you can hear yourself (which I can) then it's all spiffy, while the online icon says 'Skype can't hear you'.

So far, it is: Me = 0. Skype = 0. My psychiatrist = kids through college.

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