Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Like,, man

Just dashing out the door for my second day at the show.

Already a bit exhausted as I'm trying to squeeze a day in at the beginning before I leave and at the end when I get back.

So far, so good. Which is why I'm going back.

There has been a good reception for RE:tie so far. No chequebooks being whipped out, but better than nothing. Unilever seemed more than interested.

The show itself is vast, and gives one a whole new perspective on the industry behind packaging. And just what goes into that bottle, cap and even label.

I have met some nice guys and gals from many aspects of the industry, and have been pleasantly surprised how happy to engage they are... even the media! I guess and RE:tie are not exactly bad for their businesses, so perhaps it's no surprise.

Today I intend to hit some seminars, but am not too hopeful. They tend to be dead boring anyway, so I am trying to score the PDFs of the slides and scoot through here at leisure. Plus the only real value is pouncing on the speaker. This may be more possible as they are quite small (the seminars, not the speakers), and open sided. And it looks like they are happy to hang about and chat.

So... gotta dash!

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