Saturday, May 05, 2007


Ok, with all that's going on, adding a new category to Blogger, and a non-enviro one at that, seems pretty typical of my tangential nature and knat-like attention span.

But I really have to get this one out of mine and into this system.

SlowNewD stands for Slow News Day, which I will invoke when the sorry collection of individuals that constitutes or media these days, from producers to editors to journalists to anchors, in whichever order of pondweed you choose to stack them, start excavating through the bottom of the barrel en route to China.

I was already poised at 7ish, having watched the latest Newswatch 'don't think so, don't know, don't care if it was' weekly dismissal of some truly egregious examples, when I went to Mum's place to take her lunch over. Sadly she is addicted to BBC News 24, and it is on all day.

Now there is a tragedy that has happened, and still unfurling. And, to an extent, it is news. But the blow by blow bullsh*t that is being served up by the story of this blonde Brit kidnapped kiddie in Portugal is beyond the pale. It was on first thing, and is still on now.

How many kids are abducted every day, all round the world AND in Britain, without so much as a mention?

Everything possible should be done to get her back, but I can't see what serves this process that I am seeing unravel here and now. The act is sickening, but the media coverage is proving more than a complement. Queue the copycats. But at least it will get a rating or two extra.

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