Thursday, May 03, 2007

What's source for the goose...

Still in the thick of trying to squeeze the maximum PR for the RE:tie award whilst juggling all sorts of help and advice - solicited and some often not - from everyone who kindly wants a piece of the action.

As a consequence of paying a PR-dissemination service to send out our release, I also ended up with a free trial for a service called 'Enquirer', whereby you get bombarded with pitch and story lead requests posted by journalists.

It has been fairly fruitful, and I have had a couple pick up as a consequence of my replying. With luck one will be in Accountancy with my views on 'being' a social enterprise, and another will pitch my plea for help in a subscription only net magazine called Scientific Business.

Having gone cold Turkey on scanning the papers and online feeds to concentrate on all this, I now have another addiction, as there are about 50 a day. And I can't resist peeking at even those which are nothing in my area.

It's also fascinating to see how 'news' is actually created. I saw on the news today a 'story' which was basically created by a journalist setting out what they needed to fill out their medium's agenda.

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