Friday, July 27, 2007

Funny Ha...ah?

Last night I was watching the very derivative, but still hugely funny 'Mock the Week', where the usual comic suspects gather to show how witty they are... after some editing to 'enhance truth'.

In this case it is a stretch I can cope with, as it is in the name of entertainment.

Anyway, something did strike me, and that was/is the power of humour... for good or ill.

Because one topic was the re-designation of cannabis. And, as good, upstanding folk who get up at midday and work all night in dark clubs, the 'panels' were not in favour. So we were treated to a series of one-liners around the notions that weed is much less this and that than just about anything. Comics being on the cutting edge of such things 'n all.

Cannabis 'raises psychosis risk' would suggest that it is not really that benign.

Whoa... dudes.

BBC - Cannabis harm worse than tobacco - another channel I guess

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