Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It wasn't me, Guv!

From that well-known bastion of eco-awareness, the Guardian, about another, er, bast... newspa.. er... well, anyway, The Sun:

Yet more embarrassment for a TV indie. Production company Renegade Pictures has apologised for fly tipping while filming a documentary... about green living. The Sun reports today that crew members left piles of cardboard on a street in Bath after shooting Fix the World in the city. Producer Paul O'Connor apologised 'unreservedly' for the mishap, telling the paper the crew expected the rubbish to be picked up by binmen. The Sun P16

Couldn't find it on the Sun's woeful website (though they do have a 'green' section, and it's not just naked girls sprayed with broccoli*) to link to, but what a hoot.

And that excuse! Up there with Pete (I was just doing research) Townsend et al.

ADDENDUM - Keeley Hazell's ten green tips - stand (oo, missus) corrected. I was joking.

I wonder if they got away with it? ''Wot, I left them 20 old fridges on the layby 'cos I expected the bin men to pick it up!' Bless.

I am still giggling at the EST 'Do your 20% ad' that had everyone swithcing off their lights in a leafy London subaurd before jumping into a dirty great balck VW Touran to go to the shops. I bet that was the director's car!

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Dave said...

It doesn't look much like broccoli to me, she looks like she's just come off a very rough channel crossing, rather green!! Perhaps she's auditioning for a part in a new film of the incredible hulk?