Thursday, July 26, 2007

MPs to investigate if biofuels are truly sustainable

Why do I dread finding items like this from EnvironmentTimes?

Because of that first little acronym - 'MP'.

After months of investigation no doubt they'll come up with some half cocked conclusions that miss out most of the salient points and ignore loads of the key information and evidence.

"Concerns have also been raised about food security, as a large agricultural shift to fuel production might dramatically increase food prices"

'Concerns'? Its already happening - the evidence is out there for all to see! (See the post on 'Agflation' below).

At least they're asking for input - let's just hope that they accept it, review it, consider it and take it into account! Unfortunately, many parliamentary committees seem to have a tendency to do none of the above very well.

Oh well ...... at least they are actually looking at biofuels now; after all, it's something that just might turn out to be very important in the future of this planet.

Let's hope they include in their deliberations things like ethanol production from a dairy by-product as reported via AutoBlogGreen today.

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