Friday, August 24, 2007

Ask not what you planet can do for you...

I need help.

What with one thing (not being able to get any work placements over summer being high on the list) and another (buzzing off for two weeks R&R with no one to plug the dyke springs to mind) the whole volume of work thing is getting more out of hand than before. And it's not like before it was any more secure than the ball entrusted to a British rugby forward anyway.

Which is why, speaking of rugby, I have taken a punt on a rather promising website called environmentjobs

I don't know if they'll accept my plea, but there was a section for volunteers - and with luck my brown nose effort here may help - so fingers crossed.

Below is wot i rote, so if you think you know of anyone else who may be interested please pass it on. Ta.

Saving The Planet #101

A chance to work with an exciting national enviro-website is a free-to-all, independent resource that is gaining a great reputation for telling it like it is - and being dedicated to proactive, positive efforts to DO something environmentally sound rather than just talk about it, fuss on about awareness all the time, or worry about meeting targets.

We’re doing well, but the trouble is we are drowning in work. We keep getting awards and stuff, but so far nothing to help where it really matters, namely wadges of wonga to fund the hands-on running of the site. So this is an appeal for volunteers who may be interested in being those hands to help with what we’re trying to do.

Almost all happens ‘online’ so location is not really an issue, though we can always find stuff for anyone who fancies hanging out with us at Junkk Towers in sunny Ross-on-Wye.

We need help across the board, but mainly keeping the site spiffy and fresh, which means content, content, content. Finding it. Writing it. Sharing it.

Would suit anyone from a student looking to get some work experience, to a gardening leaver who fancies a worthy diversion before hitting the corporate treadmill again, or a silver surfer keen to work the net for more than just passing the day.

The Benefits: Well, for start, there’s helping save the planet. Then there’s the invaluable opportunity to wield and/or develop many skills, from editorial to design to PR to advertising & marketing. It will give the right person(s) the perfect opportunity to be at the heart of the New Media revolution, and experience the roller-coaster ride of evolving an eco-IT site from the bottom up. This type of experience will look good on any CV, especially as employers are now looking as much for experience as well as qualifications nowadays. It can be as flexible as you like, to suit all parties.

As we as yet have no income stream we can’t pay (which is where the volunteer bit sort of comes in), but as things develop you never know where it could all lead.

Oh, and did we mention? There’s the saving the planet thing.

The Duties: Tasks will be varied and include: Online: creating and posting site content. In person: all this plus assisting with day to day tasks such as taking digital photos and measurements of reuse ideas and uploading them onto the website, web research and collecting data, administration, etc.

Or suggest something to help us make better for all to use and enjoy!

The Person(s): We need folk who are computer literate (well, D’uh), with knowledge of MS Word and surfing the Internet. Other IT stuff such as HTML a plus. And yoof-skills like being able to play the social networking sites would be nifty. You’ll need to be flexible and willing to share mundane tasks as well as the more challenging and/or truly wicked fun ones. Reliability and a willingness to work unsupervised essential. It would help to have good sense of humour. You’ll need it.

Email Emma, Chief of Stuff, in the first instance on

And we don’t really need a CV; we simply want YOU to convince US you’re the one to help!

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