Monday, August 20, 2007

Gone. And probably forgotten.

Well, I'm back.

But I must take the chance to thank co-poster Dave (and other respondents) for keeping the blog-flame ( sourced hydrogen as fuel, of course) burning.

So much has happened. So much is happening. So much yet to happen. But I think maybe it's best to simply start anew (as soon as I have cleared the e and snail post mountain that needs dealing with) rather than trying any major historical catch-ups. It's not like I was keeping up too well real-time, without trying to deal with archives as well.

It's still worth looking back a few as it needed me to get back to authorise a few replies from the control panel, and there have been some good ones, thank you.

Also, one that is a real hoot.

Catch you later.


Lawrence Clark said...


Welcome back! I'm also back from my hols and able to peruse the site again.....

Some data from 'house of Lawrence' has made it into the public domain, reporting our gas savings (see below, it's under the heading 'How we saved tonnes of CO2')


PS I put extra return into the link above so that it didn't carry over the edge of the page

Peter said...

Welcome ditto.

And congrats on the Indy piece... I wish we could get a mention there! I don't think they like me becuase I often question some of the packaging efforts they can obsess on at the expense of bigger pictures. Sahme, as you'd think a resoruce that has reuse of packs at its core might be worth sharing.

I'm one to talk, but a nice chap actually told us how to make the links 'live' in a post a while back. It's a matter of html coding.

But a copy & paste still works!

Peter said...

It would be hoped a few others who have letters sharing space with yours would be similarly inspired by the example you set.