Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Recycle your sex toys?

This certainly made me smile, an article about a 'rabbit amnesty' (no, not the cuddly white tailed bunny version!) from

Better than going to landfill I suppose!

ADDENDUM (by Junkk Male) - Just got my latest issue of The Ecologist. And guess what... there it was! And no reason why not. Hey. we noticed, and shared, it as soon as we stopped giggling. But it does show the mentality all who publish have, and what's going to get exposure ('oh, missus) first these days!


Anonymous said...

Just seen the video it was cuit.

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Peter said...

Nice to see the mighty Junkk machine actually stealing a march on some of the big boys with the real scoops. This was only just on Treehugger!

I actually only post this to explain I am now going on to authorise a comment that was made to it.

Peter said...

Rats... it has gone first!

Anyway... it just goes to show how sophisticated the porn indistry IT capabilities are They can even find a way to promote their stuff on an eco-blog within moments of a vaguely relevant post going up.

No idea what a cuit movie is, though.