Thursday, August 30, 2007

Trading post

Eco-innovation again. This time on carbon trades/offsets.

I played a part, but one post realy nails it well, I feel.

I hope it's OK to share it here:

Changing people's habits is a very complicated task. We can all speak
for ourselves in this point.

Certainly, saving money or making money is one of the most effective
arguments to get people moving towards a goal. Sometimes, even more
effective than necessity, logic, or intelligence.

In that sense, putting individuals into the Carbon Market is a very
interesting and creative concept. But what's the gain in these
cell-phone products besides the yearly

Nothing against making profit. Sustainable, green businesses are the solution!

But let's see how this business really works: Each individual gets
US$30 a year, some peace of mind, and an argument to talk about the
environment. The cell phone companies will have a new product, a few
millions, and a green marketing campaign. And the carbon market system
will just be less, and less effective. So what's up for the

And what is this premise that people would be "on the road in a car
putting loads of CO2"? If I walk 2 blocks for groceries I'll be
entitled for carbon credits??? Is it so much more natural to choose
the car than the bike?

What we're seeing in these products is that it's easier to make profit
with global warming than to actually deal with it.

And that's precisely the problem with the carbon market itself. Is it
a palliative, or is it just a new, interesting business opportunity?
Obviousely, alone, it is not a solution. And certainly, it needs more
regulation before carbon ends up as another highly over-rated
commodity in some emerging country's stock market bubble.

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