Monday, September 03, 2007

Some rubbish even I can't take

I actually applied for this, I think: Dumped recycles an old idea

I clicked on at the moment some blonde with access to considerable makeup resources was telling some bloke that he wasn't making them feel useful. And then HE said...

I'm sure it will be taken as a compliment but it was just so much of the same old rubbish I could cope with no more.

Big Brother in a bin.

A bullet got dodged, I know. And I should have stayed to watch, but even I have limits.

Telegraph - Shame on the schedulers

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Dave said...

I thought it was more akin to 'Stig of the dump joins up with the Big Brother cast'.
Like you, I watched five or so minutes before I realised it wasn't about living with re:use and that it was just yet another 'reality trash' show with a cast of deliberately selected oddballs and social inadequates.