Friday, November 06, 2009


I engaged in a wee mission a while ago in complement. To try and get a better structure across the topic from now on:


Sink your waste

Comparison of Carbon Footprint - bear in mind this is from the site of a company that advocates putting stuff in it's products.

Recycling & Waste World - WRAP’s food waste report comes under fire - I do believe Junkkly eyebrow was cokced a while ago in this regard. Mind you, I also had an issue with some aspects of their critic's products (which also apply to any composter), namely the caution on inhaling fungal spores.

Indy - Waste watchers: Save cash and the environment

Times - NEW - Shanks builds first anaerobic digestion plant to harness potato peel power



Dave said...

Some interesting facts and figures in there. Not least this one - "greenhouse gas emissions from the centralised collection and in-vessel treatment of food waste are greater than those associated with household treatment by a factor of between 10 and 40."
That's a pretty strong case for household treatment of food waste.

Peter said...

If it's fair, and I care... I'll share.

I will await any response... if I get it.

This issue seems 'volatile'!