Sunday, June 15, 2008


Got to be done:

BBC - Questions raised over quango fees
BBC - FSA fesses up on Rock - I don't know if they are a quango or not. Or care. We are country 'run' by over-compensated, irresponsible fools who oversee other highly-paid, unaccountable fools to not protect us from totally immune charlatans. - Carbon Trust
Guardian - Remploy bosses opt for top-end company cars - I'd love to see this one explained away... but it will be.
Guardian - Is that all, Mr Pocklington? - Priceless
Guardian - Satirists once had real bite. Not any more - from an odd direction. But telling.
Greenbang - Carbon Trust gets government slap down over targets - plus direct link to report. Yes that's a report. Now, what the heck gets done?????!
Indy - Ministers allowed officials to 'hit the jackpot' in MoD privatisation
Indy - Quangos' spending kept secret - A pretty well kept secret in itself
Times - English Heritage
Times - DEFRA - Going to pot
Times - Government spending on quangos soars
Times - Consultants cash in on state works - I really don't know why we put up with paying numpties to outsource paying other numpties to do their jobs. And how that manages “to do something for the good of the community”
Times - - Waste mounts as £100 billion web of quangos duplicates work - Not funny; not funny at all. And they don't mention the half of it
Times - It could be you – if you’re a lottery quango
Sunday Tel - How much do you think the head of Transport for London is paid? - Worth it for a useful link at the end, plus the comment on what these highly paid folk spend their money on, which often doesn't square with a reducing or mitigating lifestyle.
WRAP - there are a few. Just use the label search for others under 'WRAP' or Quango

Telegraph - WASTE WATCH - NEW

There will be more, trust me... because I, sadly, do not trust 'them' any more.


Dave said...

The Remploy story is absolutely class!

"two Land Rover Freelanders, seven Nissan X-Trail 4x4s, 10 Saab 9-3 SportWagons, five Toyota Rav4 4x4s, five Volkswagen Sharan seven-seaters, three Volkswagen seven-seat Tourans, five Ford Galaxy seven-seaters, 14 Volvo S60s, two Volvo S80s, 15 Audi 3 Sportbacks, 38 Audi A4 saloons and two Audi A6s." I just wanted to sing along to this lot to the tune of the 12 days of christmas!

Yet, "only about 50 of the top management had expensive cars."

Obviously not that good at simple mental arithmetic!


Dave said...

Maybe some of the Quango's should adopt similar company car policies to that being put in place by Davis Langdon?

Naaaahhh. I'm just being stupid - this is Quangoland and Gov we're talking about.