Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dishing the dirt


Re: One contended for next year must be poor old BOSCH - claiming its dishwashers use less water than hand washing.

Just a question really, though it does lead to often competing aspects of 'green'. I can kind of see the water argument, though with a missus like mine to do the glasses, then the plates and then the pots we're talking at least 3 bowls' worth. I wonder how many litres a cycle actually takes?

Though this was not a factor and BOSCH and its agency can live with their choices of claim accordingly, does anyone know what the received opinion is on energy use? It was my understanding that in many circumstances a machine could be better in terms of overall enviROI.

In our climate I would trade water 'use' for energy in order of priority, at least in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.

These are the kind of choices we the consumer are going to be faced with, and it would be good to know that those who would tell us, commercial or public service, for sale or for information, are talking from a common hymn book... which itself can be relied upon.

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