Monday, August 10, 2009


This is 'in progress', too.


Times - Waste not want not, Gordon Brown tells families - Dear Leader on another winner. The BBC says he is 'urging' us. This suggest 'tells'. Whilst an encouragement to waste less is fine, I rather suspect this is not garnering the reaction intended.
Indy - Britain declares war on food waste - Ok, now it's 'Britain'
Guardian - UK is wasting far too much food - Brown - Fascinating to see how the same report is headlined. I wonder if anyone took a gander at the scrapings in the bins at the summit kitchens? Perhaps a luxury resort not the best locale to talk about conspicuous consumption & waste?
BBC - What's in your basket?
Guardian - Waste not ... A slightly more positive piece in response, though some of the tips do seem more geared to Guardian readers of a certain income level than most in the country.
Telegraph - Gordon Brown puts the spotlight on supermarket food waste - Good word.. risible
Guardian - The real waste is to reduce a historic study to soundbites
Guardian - What not to put in your fridge
Planet Green - How To Preserve Garden Produce Without Freezing or Canning!
Guardian - Government accused of buying food that damages people and the planet - What's good for the Go...ose?
Newsnight - NEW - Interesting follow-up comments. Any debate on food that ignores population and (in the case of a finite bordered area)/or immigration is, at best, 'selective'


Guardian - Is it time for fish rations? - Soylent Green is but a blink away!

Food Waste
Guardian - Our culture of wasting food will one day leave us hungry - it has provoked a reply from a source I often have cause to respect. Like him, citing WRAP did not inspire confidence:
Bishop Hill - Importing food - Whilst I have seen some merit in the industrial-related areas of their remit, almost all directed at the consumer seem to be the worst examples of quangocracy, with vast budgets driving massive comms budgets designed more to meet artificial recycling/waste reduction targets so box-tickers can accord each other bonuses.

Which, as far as I am concerned, is a massive waste of money that could be directed much more productively to tangibles. Not to mention what seems to me a conflict of interest. If I am paid by shifts in public awareness, where will I direct my spend?

Pesticides - The Shopper's Guide to Pesticides. Hat tip small footprints (link RHS opposite - I wish Blogger would let you run two windows so you can cut and waste URLs from other pages) for the heads up. More on the menu than we thought?


Guardian - Freshly prepared, bagged salads are a healthy convenience food - Brave lass


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