Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Bush giveth and the Bush taketh away

Well, I'm amazed. Despite the doubts expressed by millions of American citizens, Dubya has finally signed a bill which will help to reduce vehicle carbon emissions - see today's Guardian Unlimited.

"The legislation, though limited in scope, represents the biggest fuel efficiency push by the US since the 1970s oil crisis."


"The new law also contains provisions to increase the use of ethanol as an alternative to petrol."

Errrrmm, not really too good - more corn grown means ever more Nitrogen runoff and will expand the Gulf's 'dead zone', not to mention causing further increases in the price of what is a staple food item. (see full story from Mathaba.Net)

But even more interestingly, on the same day, comes news that the White House, via the EPA, has blocked several States from applying even more vigorous local state laws on auto emissions. This makes zero sense whatsoever!
The Washington Post has a more complete explanation of the EPA's ruling.

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