Wednesday, December 19, 2007

INDY Cards

Yes, it's acronym time again!

And as I am now officially too late to send any myself, I can explain why I will not be sending any INDY cards.

That stands for 'I'm Not Dead Yet' which, as far as I can ascertain, is all the purpose they serve; a one line greeting and signature that confirms that, as at time of writing, the author was still alive, along with family (evidenced by still being included on the sign off).

Now some may assume this ritual is why I don't participate. Not really. It's a heck of a lot better than nothing, and at least still shows that you are on a list in their household, even if it is only Xmas card one.

Many presume it to be my eco-cred (as in 'entials') kicking in. Or a mean-spirited few my thrifty Scottish origins.

Nope. I am just not that organised. And by virtue of major procrastination, have now managed to get to a point where it's all been academic for several years now.

But why do 'they' still write?

Well, usually, once faced with a few spare days and truly dire outdoor conditions over the break, I do manage to write and tell 'em my/our news. There's the basic round robin skeleton, which can then be easily tuned to become more than personal both ways.

Or, better yet, by being part of a a Eurasian dynasty, I can stretch things to CNY and make out that's the one we celebrate here.

And the best part is, assuming they are in when I hit send, they can be pretty sure I'm still kicking as of the last few minutes at least.

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