Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It ain't easy making green

Last night I watched the tail end of Dragon's Den.

I had to say that, as always (and why I gave up a long time ago), it and all involved (bar the pitchers) made my skin crawl.

What made me hang on was the fact I was awaiting the subsequent show, and the piece in question was heralded as 'environmental', and that they were getting a lot on this these days.

The question should not be so much that the only real interest these rich, successful, glided titans had was how how to make money out of this, with the barest of tilts to just trying to do a good thing and make money too, but that I was still surprised that these icons of all that the viewers want to be were so.... devoid of any consideration for anything beyond the mighty £.

But such pragmatism is a necessary complement to succeed, and you need to succeed to make a difference. Ergo, deals with devils need to be made. £40k for 40% of a business ain't one I'd make, however, no matter how desperate.

It really isn't easy being green. Even less so to make real money out of it (unless you are an offshore wind farm maker with a tame MEP and nifty lobbyist, or trying to score funds to run a ban-wagon in your town - the latest anti-plastic bag affair I noted got £1000 to pursue their aims).

But I plug on. What doesn't help is to see that some much bigger, better organisations and more established outfits are struggling too.

Support Grist

I wish them well. Won't be sending any dosh as, well, I need all I can scrape for Junkk.com, but at least maybe I can send 'em a few more clicks via this blog to help the cause.

I'm nice like that.

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