Tuesday, December 18, 2007


This started as a link for a simple Xmas-related site: dltk-cards.com

Of course nothing in matters green can ever be that simple.

Because having initially though 'neato, a way to do stuff at hoe last minute', I began to ponder consequences. As you do.

I ended up still in favour, having borne a few things in mind.

This family wraps prezzies in newspaper. It last a nanosecond once the opening bell is rung, and no one gives a monkeys for it under the tree or once discarded. It is useful to help light the fire (we unplug the fireplace and switch off the central heating).

Trouble is, it's hard to see who gets what. A label is useful..

Labels cost money, need to be made and printed and then got to the house from a shop.

Hence, and so long as they are printed on the back of other paper, and the most is made of the page coverage, I am prepared to live with the PC and ink commitment.

Hope that adds up.

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