Wednesday, January 02, 2008

And a Carbcon New Year

I have a backlog of several score links that I suspect will now be outdated, so best to simply get back in the groove: Power firms to pocket £6bn from carbon 'handouts' in new emissions regime

Not, perhaps, the greatest support for the principle for trading in carbon, I'd venture.

Again, while I see the principle as being perhaps the only viable way to achieve practical mitigations in the short term and balance things out, but like with so much else it really seems to fall apart when the current crop of those in 'control' are on the case.


Dave said...

Oh well, at least the EU is going to crack down hard on those companies trading in carbon now. See this from The Times.

Peter said...

Welcome back!

Hope you enjoyed a restful break.

I rather fear my optimism on this waned as I progressed from that headline to the end (inc. the commenter).

The thought of the EU cracking down on any flawed system it is/was party to creating does not inspire.