Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bluebirds over?

We are getting a few climate-related stories at the mo'. Some credible and worrying. Some... less credible and even more worrying because of what fall might follow the set up: 'Big climate impact' on UK coasts

I don't know, so I merely ask, but this - The coasts of Britain, especially England, are being eroded - seems hard to relate to this - Climate change is having a major impact on Britain's coast, the seas around the coast, and the life in those seas, a government-sponsored report concludes.

At least, from what I read here. I would have thought that erosion was a simple fact of geological life, be it by wind or water. Hence my being one of those dubious by folk gunning for compo when they bought their property on the edge without pondering (or getting a survey) what might happen as time passes.

The key is the extent.

That has not come across to me as well as it should. And hence allows some to mock as alarmist what is in fact an ongoing process.

I read on to find out more on how and where seas 'are becoming more violent', but though there was a lot else could not find anything much to back up this claim.

Surely if that is the main issue, it would help to substantiate it better? I roesume such data exists.

ps: I also didn't know until recently that the wartime song was penned by an American, and there are in fact no bluebirds in the UK.

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