Thursday, August 13, 2009

CATEGORY - Climate Change

Still on a refiling roll. So check anything with CLIMATE for more until I collate.

I rather like the c0lour coding idea (Lord help us if I get into trying to accord shades). Let's go for Climate Optimistic and Climate Pessimistic


Times - Understanding climate change - well, understanding it better, which still isn't very much, more like.

Greenbang - NEW - Psych! Climate change messes with our heads - A lot of this is, like D'Oh, but I prefer attempts at understanding to fights on fixed views.


antigreen - CO -

climateaudit - CO - - CP - Nice catch on daft car ads

climatesci - CO -

omniclimate - that's a CO, safe to say

icecap - NEW -

Spiked - CO - Global warming: the chilling effect on free speech - I might just leave this up front out of alphabetical order. While one may or may not agree with it, I have to agree that in the cause of striving to make a point, very often the spirit of free debate is too often hijacked by pejoratives.

Oops. must have missed the link. Now, how to find it?

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