Thursday, January 17, 2008

For every snake... a ladder

I think I'm losing my touch with funders. Another bites the dust:(

This one also looked promising, as it was a local (well, regional) award designed to offer creative/media enterprises a chance to run a feasibility study on what they could do to improve revenues.

Now if ever there was something could do with, that was just what the doctor ordered! We've awards up the whazoo, tripping over nice PR at every turn... but... no major advertisers... yet. And there's no doubt the site needs a spring clean.

And again with the funding types the sticking point seemed to be I didn't already have what I was applying for the funding to put in place to get. Frankly if I was well on the way to having my media sales act together I really wouldn't need to bother with such funding. It's always welcome and gratefully-received, but is one heck of a lot of effort often for not that much to warrant what goes in.

And in this case a lot did. Not just from me, but the consultancy I'd selected to help me knock the site media structure into shape and kick-start some sensible ad sales efforts on top.

So I was feeling pretty glum when I had to share with them the sad news that I was getting anything and couldn't afford to do it on my own.

So imagine how it perked me up to find they hadn't just shrugged their shoulders and moved on, but decided to do a bit more on's behalf spreading a few nice words around, simply because they saw/still see merit in what we're up to. Plus a few more than useful poniters on what might be doen to move things along.

Naturally, with such belief in place they will be the first I call when I do have the money for such expertise.

So, if you are ever in need of some new media specialists, I'd be happy to not only recommend the skills sets and professionalism on offer, but also the commitment of Generator.

Tell 'em Peter sent you. But please, make sure you have a budget first!

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